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The Journal of Theology is the theological journal of the Church of the Lutheran Confession.

The Journal of Theology is designed to deepen the understanding and sharpen the skills of those who teach the Word of God. The Journal of Theology also testifies to the confession of our church body and serves as a witness to Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, and His unchanging Word.

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Each location in this index includes volume number, issue number, and page(s). For example, the reference 22/3:2-12 is to be interpreted as volume 22, issue 3, pages 2 to 12. To convert volume numbers to years, add 1960 to the volume number for volumes less than 59 and add 1962 to the volume number for volumes greater than 58. Locations are links if the PDF file is present.

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“Blest” or “Blessed”? A Study of Asherey and makarios.Pfeiffer, John K.53/3:22-29 ;
“Blest” or “Blessed”? A Study of Asherey and makarios.Pfeiffer, John K.53/4:6-15 ;
“Deal Wisely with Them.Gurgel, Roland A.54/1:9-10 ;
“Game Changers” of Jesus in John’s Gospel AccountTiefel, Paul57/1:11 ;
“The Depth of the Riches.Roehl, Michael J.53/2:6-19 ;
“This do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.Ude, John49/1:24-29 ;
“This do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.Ude, John49/3:17-26 ;
150 Reasons to Sing! 40/2:2-14.Reim, John C.40/2:1-6 ;
A Brief Exegetical Study of 2 Thessalonians 3:6ff.Larsen, Paul F.42/2:24-29 ;
A Brief History of the CLC's Word for Him in India.Koenig, David P.36/1:31-33 ;
A Brief Isagogical Treatment of 1 Thessalonians.Maas, Delwyn G.43/2:13-16 ;
A Call to Recommitment.Fleischer, Daniel34/4:1-3 ;
A Church Body's Shoes.Reim, John C.34/1:1-9 ;
A Comparison of Prasso and Poieo as Used with Reference to Sinning.Fossum, Vance A.38/2:14-17 ;
A Critical Examination of the Methodology and Conclusions of the Jesus Seminar.Povolny, David40/3:3-13 ;
A Critical Survey of the ELCA Dogmatics Book.Schuetze, Thomas R.35/2:13-21 ;
A Final Apostolic WordSchaller, Egbert09/3:8-18 ;
A Forward to the Tenth Volume.Schaller, Egbert10/1:2-11 ;
A House for the Lord, A Home for His Servants.Reim, Peter E.43/1:14-28 ;
A Jubilee Anniversary Sermon.Fleischer, Paul G.50/1:1-6 ;
A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining ForthLau, David T.32/2:19-23 ;
A Message to Our Readers.Schaller, Egbert06/4:2 ;
A Pastoral Letter – Part I.Madson, Norman A.01/2:16-21 ;
A Pastoral Letter – Part II.Madson, Norman A.01/3:27-32 ;
A Pastoral Letter – Part III.Madson, Norman A.01/4:9-12 ;
A Pastoral Letter – Part IV.Madson, Norman A.01/5:7 ;
A Pre-Reformation Meditation.Mackensen, Robert W.34/3:1-3 ;
A Red Herring in the WELS Fellowship Doctrine.Nauman, Bertram J.46/3:14-22 ;
A Request for Books & Periodicals.Reim, Edmund05/1:41 ;
A Review of Carl Manthey-Zorn's Hermeneutical Principles.Bernthal, Mark H.38/4:21-28 ;
A Statement by the Editor.Reim, Edmund05/5:16 ;
A Study of 1 Corinthians 10:14-22, With Special Emphasis onSchierenbeck, John L.36/4:13-18 ;
A Study of Genesis 3:16 : And he shall rule over you.Schuetze, Thomas R.40/1:1-4 ;
A Study of Jeremiah 6: 10-20.Lau, David T.41/3:15-22 ;
A Study of John 3: 5-6.Roehl, Michael J.55/2:4-10 ;
A Study of Man.Schulz, Arthur11/3:26-31 ;
A Study of MISHPAT.Kuehne, Clifford M.11/5:13-21 ;
A Study of Psalms 120-134 and Their Correlation asSchuetze, Thomas R.38/4:1-16 ;
A Study of Select Passages from the NIV 2011.Tiefel, Mark51/4:15-26 ;
A Study of the Controversies that Arose after Luther's Death, and Their Roots in Today's Denominations.Schierenbeck, Michael42/3:11-20 ;
A Tribute to Walther.Gullerud, C. M.51/4:13-15 ;
A Warming at Strange Fires.Schaller, Egbert01/2:9-15 ;
A Wedding Address.Naumann, Paul51/1:18-20 ;
A Word Study of HIPOTASSOO with Special Reference to Ephesians 5:22-24.Naumann, Bruce J.40/4:20-24 ;
Abba.Pfeiffer, John K.22/3:3-12 ;
Addiction: How Can Pastor and Members Help? 53/2: 33-45.Sumey, Chris53/2:19-26 ;
Admonition and Rom.Reim, Edmund02/5:1-11 ;
Adventism. Unrest in 7th Day.Fleischer, Paul G.20/4:30-41 ;
AELC - New Church Body emerges.Gullerud, C. M.16/4:40-41 ;
Albrecht. Pastor Paul G.: Doctrinal Article in 1962 byLau, John16/2:12-14 ;
Albrecht. Pastor Paul G.: Funeral Sermon, 2 Tim. 1:12.Schierenbeck, Lester W.16/2:5-9 ;
Albrecht. Pastor Paul G.: In Memoriam.Gullerud, C. M.16/2:3 ;
Albrecht. Pastor Paul G.: Remarks at Funeral.Albrecht, Egbert16/2:11 ;
Allusions to Science in Hebrew Class.Kuehne, Clifford M.25/3:13-29 ;
American Piety.Kuehne, Clifford M.12/3:34-38 ;
An End Time Enchiridion. A Look at the Hymns of Martin H. FranzmannReim, John C.36/1:10-19 ;
An Establishment of Religion … The Free Exercise Thereof …Nolting, Paul F.05/3:16-22 ;
An Exegesis of Malachi 2:17-3:6Schaller, Andrew56/1:3-10 ;
An Exegesis of Psalm 22:1-18: The Cost behind the 23rd PsalmTiefel, Paul46/2:11-17 ;
An Exegesis of Psalm 22:1-18: The Cost Behind the 23rd Psalm.Tiefel, Paul46/3:8-13 ;
An Exegesis of Psalm 90: 1-6.Naumann, Paul55/3:21-28 ;
An Exegetical Notebook: Romans 10:4Tiefel, Mark57/1:8 ;
An Exegetical Study of Revelation 20:1-6.Sippert, Steven P.54/3:20-27 ;
An Exegetical Study of Ephesians 4:17-24.Schaller, David41/4:20-24 ;
An Exegetical Study of Galatians 4:21-31.Sippert, Steven P.44/2:12-17 ;
An Exegetical Study of Romans 1:1-7.Radtke, Gordon P.43/2:16-23 ;
An Exegetical Study of Romans 9:1-9Gantt, Frank55/4:17-23 ;
An Ordination Sermon: Christ Puts the Power in Your Ministry.Sippert, Steven P.54/2:3-6 ;
An Overview of Christian Apologetics and Its Usefulness Among Us.Gantt, Frank53/1:16-23 ;
An Overview of the Origin of Satan.Reim, David J.44/4:6-14 ;
An Overview of the Origin of Satan.Reim, David J.45/1:1-18 ;
Anatomy of an Explosion: Important Book.Gullerud, C. M.18/1:24-26 ;
Announcement: Price Increase.Lau, John15/3:41 ;
Antinomianism:The Danger to the Gospel in Luther's Day and Today.Fossum, Vance A.52/2:15-28 ;
Antinomianism:The Danger to the Gospel in Our Day.Fossum, Vance A.52/3:11-23 ;
Aorist in its Place. Keeping the.Kuehne, Clifford M.16/3:3-10 ;
Aorist Indicative. Translating the.Kuehne, Clifford M.18/2:20-26 ;
Aorist. Viewpoints of the.Kuehne, Clifford M.18/1:3-10 ;
Apologetics, Law, and Gospel.Wehrwein, Robert E.20/4:24-28 ;
APPENDIX I -- Luther HimselfLuther, Martin40/2:12-17 ;
Arminianism Today.Schierenbeck, John L.16/1:38-44 ;
Art of Dying, The.Schulz, Arthur12/4:12-21 ;
Arvid G.W. Gullerud ObituaryList, Robert55/4:1-3 ;
Asking – and Listening.Schaller, Egbert11/3:36 ;
Authority of the Received Text, The.Kurtzahn, Stephen31/4:10-23 ;
Background of Formula of Concord & Application Today.Duehlmeier, H. C.14/4:30-35 ;
Be Ye Angry and Sin Not.Mackensen, Robert W.41/2:16-17 ;
Bereaved Members, How to help.Schierenbeck, Lester W.20/4:19-21 ;
BERITH (Covenant) Terminology.Nolting, Paul F.21/3:3-17 ;
Beyond Confirmation.Naumann, Paul51/1:20-25 ;
Bible Inerrant, Is the? Review.Lau, David T.17/2:30-38 ;
Bible Translations, Use of.Lau, David T.24/3:40-44 ;
Bible Versions. Some Thoughts on.Gullerud, C. M.18/4:38-40 ;
Biblical Principles Regarding Marriage and DivorceCombined Effort58/1:28 ;
Book of Concord & Ecumenicism.Nolting, Paul F.19/4:3-28 ;
Book of Concord & Gospel Reductionism.Lau, John19/3:3-16 ;
Book of Concord & Verbal Inspiration.Kuehne, Clifford M.19/2:3-22 ;
Book of Concord alive in Hearts, Keeping.Lau, John21/2:15-20 ;
Book of Concord, Doctrinal Themes in.Reim, Rollin A.19/4:30-32 ;
Book of Concord, Our Subscription to.Gullerud, C. M.19/1:3-7 ;
Book of Concord: Church & Ministry.Wehrwein, Robert E.20/1:3-22 ;
Book ReviewsLau, David T.56/3:38 ;
Books Available from CLC Writers.Lau, David T.52/3:27-28 ;
Books of Interest to Confessional Lutherans.Lau, David T.46/4:27-38 ;
Books on Islam in Review.Lau, David T.43/3:2-7 ;
Brief History of the NCLC.Koenig, David P.29/2:28-29 ;
Brief Notices of Books by Lutherans.Lau, David T.53/1:23-26 ;
Brief Review: Logia: A (new) Lutheran Journal of Theology.Lau, John33/2:26-27 ;
Bultman: Demythologizing the Resurrection.Kuehne, Clifford M.12/2:21-34 ;
C. M. GULLERUD: IN MEMORIAM IFleischer, Daniel35/1:4-5 ;
C. M. GULLERUD: IN MEMORIAM IILau, John35/1:5-6 ;
Calling, Our: Servants of God & of People.Redlin, L. Dale15/2:2-6 ;
Can the Scientist of Today Believe Gen.Keiser, Bernhard E.02/4:13 ;
Catechisms, Introduction to Luther's.Dommer, Robert17/3:3-23 ;
Chapel Address: 2 CORINTHIANS 5:7Kuehne, Clifford M.37/1:1-2 ;
Chapel Address: 1 Cor. 1:30-31.Kuehne, Clifford M.15/2:24-26 ;
Chapel Address: Bach's 300th Birthday.Radtke, Gordon P.25/1:37-38 ;
Chapel Address: Children of the Heavenly Father.Dommer, Robert16/4:14-21 ;
Chapel Address: Isa. 63:3Radtke, Gordon P.21/2:28-29 ;
Chapel Address: John 3:16.Lau, John21/4:48 ;
Chapel Address: Luke 10:41-42.Schaller, Paul W.37/2:4-5 ;
Chapel Address: Matt. 24:15-18.Kuehne, Clifford M.17/4:30-31 ;
Chapel Address: Matt. 3:1-2,10.Koch, Paul R.14/1:37-38 ;
Chapel Address: Matt. 4:17.Kuehne, Clifford M.22/1:32-34 ;
Chapel Address: Micah 1:1-8.Koch, Paul R.12/1:28-29 ;
Chapel Address: Rev. 3:22.Radtke, Gordon P.22/2:16-18 ;
Chapel Address: Romans 3:25.Kuehne, Clifford M.19/1:39-40 ;
Chapel Address: Vietnam Cease-Fire, Gen. 8:20f.Gurgel, Roland A.13/1:34-37 ;
Chapel Devotion.Pfeiffer, John K.43/1:2-3 ;
Chapel Memorial Address for Prof. E. Reim.Gullerud, C. M.09/4:5-7 ;
CHESED - Synonymous with Grace? 50/3:16-40.Naumann, Paul50/3:9-24 ;
Christ Jesus, In.Nolting, Paul F.15/3:28-37 ;
Christ or Masonry?Nolting, Paul F.13/2:29-34 ;
Christ's Subordination to His Father.Pfeiffer, John K.38/1:7-17 ;
Christian History: Periodical Review.Lau, David T.25/4:29 ;
Christian knows all things spiritual, yet grows.Nolting, Paul F.16/3:21-32 ;
Christian Steadfastness: Word Study.Fleischer, Paul G.22/4:3-19 ;
Christian Worship - A Lutheran Hymnal (WELS).Reim, John C.34/2:1-8 ;
Christian Worship - A Lutheran Hymnal (WELS).Schaller, Paul W.34/3:3-9 ;
Christmas Book, Martin Luther.Kuehne, Clifford M.25/4:39 ;
Christmas Day Sermon: John 1:11-13.Lau, David T.27/4:1-2 ;
Christmas Evidence. Applying the: Judges 13:17-23.Wehrwein, Robert E.17/4:3-9 ;
Christmas for a Small Crowd.Schaller, David53/4:2-4 ;
Church & State, Separation of: Moral Issues.Fleischer, Paul G.24/2:21-36 ;
Church & State, Separation of: Scripture & Confessions.Pfeiffer, John K.24/2:3-19 ;
Church & State: An Epilogue.Gullerud, C. M.25/1:20-21 ;
Church & State: Politics.Nolting, Paul F.24/2:38-52 ;
Church & State: Social Issues.Redlin, L. Dale24/4:3-11 ;
Church History from 1066 AD: The Struggle Between Church and State.Gurath, Mark42/2:20-23 ;
Church Music, Sacred or Secular?Dommer, Robert36/2:4-23 ;
Church of the Lutheran Confession 2018 Resolution Concerning the Joint Statement Regarding the Termination of FellowshipCombined Effort58/2:28 ;
CLC 25th Anniversary: Foreword.Gullerud, C. M.25/1:3-4 ;
CLC Presentation Concerning Fellowship - Admonition - Separation.Radtke, Gordon P.29/1:28-34 ;
CLC-WELS Meeting.Lau, John28/1:1 ;
Colossians 1, Exegetical Study of.Schaller, Paul W.25/1:23-35 ; 25/2:23 ;
Come before Winter: Poetic Sermonette.Galstad, Martin13/2:36-37 ;
Come to Calvary's Holy Mountain.Kuehne, Clifford M.05/1:2-3 ;
Commandment, 1st, & Justifying Faith.Dommer, Robert21/1:11-20 ;
Competitive and Non-Competitive Comments on CompetitionRadtke, Gordon P.57/2:22 ;
Conceptual Approach in the Teaching of the Catechism, The.Dommer, Robert26/3:23-37 ;
Concern for the Future of Theological Education.Radtke, Gordon P.09/4:26-34 ;
Concerning Conversion 54/4:30-52.Lau, David T.54/4:18-31 ;
Concerning JustificationLau, David T.54/2:9-13 ;
Concerning the firstKuehne, Clifford M.12/2:36 ;
Concord Has Its FormulaSchaller, Ralph41/3:3-8 ;
Concord Has Its Formula.Schaller, Ralph41/2:9-13 ;
Concordia Luth. Conference: Charge of False Doctrine.Doctrine, Board of21/2:31-36 ;
Conference Sermon: Joshua 24:16-20.Lau, David T.27/2:18-20 ;
Confession, Meaning of Subscription to a.Kuehne, Clifford M.19/2:45 ;
Confessions and Confessionalism.Reim, Edmund05/4:16-29 ;
Confessions, The Spirit of the.Wehrwein, Robert E.19/2:23-30 ;
Convention Sermon: Deut.Schierenbeck, John L.12/3:20-23 ;
Convention Sermon:Romans 8:31-39.:IN CHRIST WE ARE SUPER-CONQUERORSNaumann, Paul52/3:2-5 ;
Conversion, Two Texts from Book of Acts on.Lau, John20/3:37-44 ;
Convocation, A Trans-Lutheran.Gullerud, C. M.18/4:41 ;
Cyprian – The Great High-Churchman of the Ante-Nicene Period.Fleischer, Paul G.04/3:2-18 ;
Damnamus! The Art of Evangelical Polemics.Reim, Rollin A.41/2:13-16 ;
Daniel 12:2:An Exegesis and Contextual Study.Reim, David J.50/4:5-34 ;
Defeat for Strict Creationists? Not Really!Kuehne, Clifford M.26/3:40 ;
Defending and Confirming the Gospel, Phil.Fossum, Vance A.41/4:15-20 ;
Degrees from Heterodox Institutions.Lau, John19/4:44 ;
Demythologizers. A Jolt to.Gullerud, C. M.12/2:41 ;
Determining the Will of God in Our Lives.Grams, Rick N.39/1:15-18 ;
Devotional Address: Romans 8:32 and Other Scriptures of Great Comfort to Martin Luther.Schaller, Walter44/4:4-6 ;
Devotions from Book of Job.Gullerud, C. M.15/1:30-33 ;
Did Jesus Believe in the Biblical Account of Creation? 52/2:2-12.Tiefel, Paul52/2:2-7 ;
DIDASKALOS & DIDASKEIN. Scriptural Concept of.Nolting, Paul F.21/4:30-47 ;
Difference, Still a: Notice re Tract.Combined Effort22/4:26 ;
Dispensationalism.Nolting, Paul F.14/1:2-10 ;
Do All to the Glory of God. A Study of the Meaning and Application of 1 Cor. 10:31.Roehl, Michael J.39/3:6-10 ;
Doctrinal Themes in the Book Of Concord Confession and ForgivenessReim, Rollin A.45/4:21-23 ;
Dr. Martin Luther's Sermon on Our Blessed Hope.Schulz, Arthur35/3:1-11 ;
Dr. Ramm and the Scriptures.Schaller, Egbert05/4:8-14 ;
Duties of an Evangelical SynodWalther, C. F. W.56/4:40 ;
Dying to Live: J.A. Braun. Review.Lau, David T.25/4:31 ;
Earthen Vessels.Fossum, Vance A.35/2:5-13 ;
Editor, From the.Lau, John26/4:1-2 ;
Editor's Note.Gullerud, C. M.11/4:2 ;
Editorial Note.Lau, John39/1:18 ;
Editorial: Correction and Apology.Lau, John37/4:23-26 ;
Education and the Law, Private.Sydow, James A.22/3:16-35 ;
Education, Of: Examination of Milton's Tract.Lau, John19/2:37-42 ;
Election: Doctrine of Comfort.Bernthal, Luke55/2:11-14 ;
Elijah’s MantleTiefel, Paul48/4:18-20 ;
ELIJAH’S MANTLE : The Pastor’s Use of PrayerTiefel, Paul47/3:25-28 ;
Elijah’s Mantle: Of Pericopes and ParamentsTiefel, Paul48/2:20-26 ;
Elijah’s Mantle. : Selection of Hymns for the Worship ServiceTiefel, Paul47/2:25-27 ;
ELS and the Doctrine of the Call.Gullerud, C. M.01/4:37-39 ;
ELS Article, Response to.Lau, John12/1:35-38 ;
ELS Resolutions on Synodical Conference Fellowship.Gullerud, C. M.01/4:32-36 ;
Emphasis in Lutheran and Reformed Theology.Fossum, Vance A.28/3:13-26 ;
Emphasizing the Means of Grace in our Preaching and Ministering.Bernthal, Luke55/4:24-28 ;
Encouragement for Discouraged Pastors.Maas, Delwyn G.39/3:15-19 ;
Encouraging the Positive Aspects of Church Fellowship.Albrecht, James33/4:1-6 ;
Engel vs. Vitale.Schaller, Egbert02/4:2 ;
Eph. 1:19, text and context.Reim, Edmund01/5:2 ;
Ephesians 1:19 Text and ContextReim, Edmund51/4:11-13 ;
Epiphany, Once & Again: Metrical Version of Ps. 2.Reim, Edmund05/5:2 ;
Eschatological Preaching. Importance of.Klatt, John V.22/4:20-25 ;
Evangelical Admonition: To What Extent Does it Proceed from the Law? The Gospel? 41/1:7-27.Schaller, Paul W.41/1:9-15 ;
Evangelism in the Eighties.Luebkman, Kurt E.27/4:2-11 ;
Evolution with Teaching of Image of God. Counteracting.Lau, David T.25/3:3-11 ;
Examining and Applying the Scriptural Teaching of Rewards.Reim, David J.48/1:11-21 ;
Exegesis of Galatians 1:1-10: J. Ylvisaker.Gullerud, C. M.33/1:2-20 ;
Exegesis of Galatians 1:11-24: J. Ylvisaker.Gullerud, C. M.33/2:4-21 ;
Exegesis of Galatians 2:1-14: J. Ylvisaker.Gullerud, C. M.33/3:10-29 ;
Exegesis of Galatians 2:11-14.Sippert, Steven P.48/2:9-13 ;
Exegesis of Galatians 2:15 - 3:14: J. Ylvisaker.Gullerud, C. M.33/4:10-36 ;
Exegesis of Galatians 3:15-4:7: J. Ylvisaker.Gullerud, C. M.34/1:10-40 ;
Exegesis of Galatians 4:8-31: J. Ylvisaker.Gullerud, C. M.34/2:18-38 ;
Exegesis of Galatians 5:1-6:18: J. Ylvisaker.Gullerud, C. M.34/3:10-38 ;
Exegesis of Genesis 49:1-12.Naumann, Paul46/1:11-20 ;
Exegesis of Isaiah 55:6-11.Naumann, Paul48/4:13-18 ;
EXEGESIS OF PAUL'S FIRST LETTER TO TIMOTHY (Continuation)Gullerud, C. M.30/2:25 ;
Exegesis of Paul's First Letter to Timothy, by J. Ylvisaker (continued)Gullerud, C. M.30/3:1 ;
Exegesis of Paul's First Letter to Timothy, by J. Ylvisaker.Gullerud, C. M.29/1:2-27 ;
Exegesis of Paul's First Letter to Timothy, by J. Ylvisaker.Gullerud, C. M.30/1:3-17 ;
Exegesis of Revelation 2:12-17.Pfeiffer, John K.28/1:16-28 ;
Exegesis of Revelation 2:18-29.Pfeiffer, John K.30/4:5-13 ;
Exegesis of Revelation 2:8-11.Pfeiffer, John K.27/1:1-11 ;
Exegesis of Revelation 3:1-6.Pfeiffer, John K.31/2:4-12 ;
Exegesis of Revelation 3:14-22.Pfeiffer, John K.32/4:10-23 ;
Exegesis of Revelation 3:7-13.Pfeiffer, John K.32/1:1-17 ;
Exegesis of Romans 10:1-13.Roehl, Michael J.48/1:1-10 ;
Exegesis of Romans 2:25-29.Sippert, Steven P.45/4:10-14 ;
Exegesis: Isaiah 49:1-13.Nolting, Paul D.47/1:11-24 ;
Exegesis: Isaiah 61:1-6.Naumann, Paul44/3:11-19 ;
Exegesis: Joel 3:9-17.Naumann, Paul41/4:4-11 ;
Exegesis: Proverbs 2:1-8.Naumann, Paul42/4:11-18 ;
Exegesis: Psalm 68:1-6.Naumann, Paul51/1:12-18 ;
Exegesis: Psalm 98:1-9.Naumann, Paul42/2:11-20 ;
Exegetical Notes & Comments on Psalm 69.Thom, Michael36/1:1-9 ;
Exegetical Notes and Comments on Isaiah 3 - 4.Thom, Michael35/3:16-25 ;
Exegetical Opinions vs Doctrinal Differences.Kuehne, Clifford M.36/1:19-25 ;
Exegetical Study of 1 Tim. 4:15f.Lau, David T.12/3:25-32 ;
Exegetical Study of 2 John.Gullerud, C. M.10/3:2-16 ;
Exegetical Study of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12.Eichstadt, Wayne40/3:13-20 ;
Exod. 20:6 – Law or Gospel?Schaller, Egbert05/3:2-14 ;
Exodus 20:6 – Law or Gospel? Reprint from Journal of Theology of August 1965,Schaller, Egbert05/3:2-4 ;
Exodus 20:6 – Law or Gospel? 54/4:20-30.Schaller, Egbert54/4:12-18 ;
Exodus in the New TestamentLau, David T.46/3:1-8 ;
Exodus in the New TestamentLau, David T.46/2:2-11 ;
Exodus in the New TestamentLau, David T.45/4:1-10 ;
Exodus in the New Testament.Lau, David T.46/1:2-10 ;
Exodus in The New Testament.Lau, David T.45/3:2-19 ;
FAL - A new Church Body.Gullerud, C. M.12/1:31-33 ;
Family Life Under Christ.Kurtzahn, Stephen38/2:3-14 ;
Fifty Years Ago.Sippert, Steven P.51/2:6 ;
Fifty Years Ago.Sippert, Steven P.51/4:8 ;
Finding Eloquence in the Biblical Writers: Augustine, Maclean, and August PieperReim, Peter E.58/3:19 ;
Five Evangelical Leaders.Lau, David T.25/4:31-35 ;
Formalism - A Threat to Orthodoxy? 42/1:13-28.Reim, David J.42/1:6-13 ;
Forward.Reim, Edmund01/1:2-7 ;
Four Points of DifferenceCombined Effort58/2:30 ;
From A Pastor's and Professor's Notebook: Prophecies of Balaam.Gurgel, Roland A.54/1:10-19 ;
From a Pastor's and Professor's Notebook: II Prophecy number 2: Numbers 23:11-24Gurgel, Roland A.27/4:11-19 ;
From a Pastor’s and Professor’s NotebookGurgel, Roland A.31/3:26-28 ;
From Calvary to Olivet – And to the Father's Throne.Reim, Edmund06/1:2-7 ;
From Fear to Faith (continued)Nauman, Bertram J.06/5:24 ;
From Fear to Faith: Homiletical Studies in Habakkuk.Nauman, Bertram J.49/4:6-9 ;
From the EditorEichstadt, Wayne56/3:3 ;
From the EditorEichstadt, Wayne56/2:3 ;
From the EditorEichstadt, Wayne59/2:3 ;
From the Editor.Gantt, Frank54/2:2 ;
From the Editor.Schaller, Paul W.40/4:1-2 ;
From the Life and Times of Luther.Eckert, O. J.11/3:2-16 ;
Fruitful Entrance: An Exegetical Study of 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12,Fossum, Vance A.33/1:21-28 ;
Fruitful Entrance: An Exegetical Study of 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12, The.Fossum, Vance A.32/4:24-30 ;
Funeral Sermon Delivered at the Victory Service for John H. LauNaumann, Bruce R.55/3:1-5 ;
Funeral Sermon for Arvid G.W. GullerudList, Robert55/4:5-8 ;
Funeral Sermon for C. M. GULLERUDTiefel, Paul35/1:2-4 ;
Gambling - Win or Lose, You Lose.Naumann, Bruce R.38/2:17-22 ;
Gardening. Romans 9:18.Nolting, Paul F.18/1:28-37 ;
Genesis in the New TestamentLau, David T.44/3:2-11 ;
Genesis in the New TestamentLau, David T.44/2:2-12 ;
Genesis in the New TestamentLau, David T.44/1:15-22 ;
Genesis in the New TestamentLau, David T.43/4:2-7 ;
Genesis in the New Testament.Lau, David T.44/4:1-4 ;
Gerizim and Ebal.Nolting, Paul F.13/4:32-38 ;
Global Missions.Schulz, Arthur12/1:13-26 ;
Gnadenwahlstreit: The Predestinarian Controversy of American. Lutheranism.Reim, Peter R.50/2:18-29 ;
Go Forward with Joy in Your StepEichstadt, Wayne56/2:36 ;
God's Holy Covenants.Pfeiffer, John K.19/1:9-22 ;
God's Judgment Upon the Unworthy Use of the Lord's Supper.Pieper, August09/5:2-27 ;
God's Servants Listen: A Review of Proper Biblical Hermeneutics.Reim, David J.54/4:2-12 ;
God's Will and Command.Schaller, John19/3:17-40 ;
God's Word is Still Our Great Heritage.Schierenbeck, Michael44/2:17-27 ;
Gospel Reductionism, Danger of.Sydow, Michael17/1:3-31 ;
Gospel Reductionism.Lau, John14/2:2-10 ;
Graduation Address - ILC, 2003.Pfeiffer, John K.43/2:1-4 ;
Greek Article & Christ's Deity.Kuehne, Clifford M.13/3:13-28 ;
Greek Testament, Aids for Students of.Kuehne, Clifford M.17/4:43 ;
Guidelines for the Book of Revelation.Pfeiffer, John K.39/1:12-15 ;
Handling Repentance of Public Sin in Our Modern Day.Hein, John P.53/4:15-25 ;
He's Got the Whole Scroll in His Hands.Gantt, Frank54/3:4-7 ;
Heaven Is For Real A Sermon for Maundy Thursday, 1 Cor.Gantt, Frank53/1:3-5 ;
Hebrew verb, Notes on.Wehrwein, Robert E.15/3:3-19 ;
Hebrew: The Perfect Language for Divine Revelation Under The Old Covenant.Pfeiffer, John K.47/2:11-20 ;
His Righteousness, Not Mine. Meditation on Psalm 23.Tiefel, Victor F.47/2:2-5 ;
Holy Spirit - Neglected Person in Trinity?Gullerud, C. M.20/2:3-12 ;
Holy Spirit - The Promised Paraclete.Gullerud, C. M.20/3:11-16 ;
Holy Spirit & Incarnate Lord.Pfeiffer, John K.23/4:15-30 ;
Homiletical Hints from I and II Corinthians (conclusion)Schulz, Arthur15/4:19 ;
Homiletical Hints in 1 & 2 Corinthians.Schulz, Arthur15/2:14-19 ;
How Can We Help a Recently Bereaved Member of Our Congregation? 49/2: 18-22.Schierenbeck, Lester W.49/2:10-12 ;
How Do I Repent? 53/4: 6-10.Gantt, Frank53/4:4-6 ;
How do Paul's words in 1 Cor. 9:22 apply in our Ministry?Albrecht, Egbert25/4:3-14 ;
How Do the Words of Paul, “I am Made All Things to All Men,” Apply to Us in Our Ministry? 49/2: 6-17.Albrecht, Egbert49/2:4-9 ;
How God Prepared the World for the Reformation.Gullerud, C. M.07/2:3-13 ;
How the WordFleischer, Paul G.40/2:7-11 ;
How To Read the Psalter With Profit.Reim, Edmund07/1:2-11 ;
Hymn Book, New:Gullerud, C. M.22/2:39-43 ;
Hymn, What makes a good?Dommer, Robert20/4:4-16 ;
Hymns & Hymn-writers of the Reformation.Schulz, Arthur20/2:19-25 ;
If Our Heart Condemn Us.Gullerud, Arvid55/4:5-9 ;
If Our Heart Condemn Us.Gullerud, Arvid44/1:12-15 ;
ILC Chapel Address.Koch, Paul R.32/2:17 ;
ILC Chapel Address. : ROMANS 8:28-31Koch, Paul R.35/2:4-5 ;
ILC Commencement Address, May 21,2005.Pfeiffer, John K.45/2:14-16 ;
ILC Commencement Address: The Alpha and the Omega.Pfeiffer, John K.41/3:1-3 ;
ILC Commencement Address.Lau, John33/2:1-3 ;
ILC Commencement Address.Pfeiffer, John K.38/2:1-3 ;
ILC Commencement Address.Pfeiffer, John K.40/3:1-3 ;
ILC Commencement Address.Pfeiffer, John K.18/2:41-44 ;
ILC Commencement Address. CHILDREN OF GOD, BUT STILL IN THE WORLDLau, John36/2:1-3 ;
ILC Commencement Address.: THE PATH TO POWERLau, John35/2:1-3 ;
ILC Commencement Address.THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS TO GLORIFY GODLau, John37/2:1-4 ;
ILC Graduation Address.Albrecht, Paul G.16/2:16-20 ;
ILC Opening Address.The 1997-98 School Year Will Be For You A Year of BlessingPfeiffer, John K.37/3:1-3 ;
Im Beruf Bleiben.F. F. G. HardersDommer, Robert37/2:5-8 ;
Image of God / Children of God.Lau, John11/3:32 ;
Image of God, The.Gullerud, C. M.21/2:3-13 ;
Immortality of the Soul.Schulz, Arthur12/2:2-19 ;
Importance of Professional Improvement in our Calling.Kuehne, Clifford M.14/3:2-10 ;
Imputation of RighteousnessKlatt, John V.57/1:31 ;
In Commemoration of Luther's Stand at Worms, 1521-1971.Lau, John11/1:2-14 ;
In Memoriam: George A. BarthelsCombined Effort30/4:1 ;
In Memoriam: Gilbert A. SydowLau, John28/3:1-2 ;
In Memoriam: Gordon Paul RadtkeEichstadt, Wayne57/2:19 ;
In Memoriam: Keith Nolan OlmansonEichstadt, Wayne56/3:9 ;
In Memoriam: Kevin Paul McKenneyEichstadt, Wayne59/1:24 ;
In Memoriam: Maynard J. WittLau, John32/3:1-2 ;
In Memoriam: Paul F. NoltingFleischer, Paul G.45/2:1-2 ;
In Memoriam: Robert A. ReimFleischer, Paul G.31/2:1 ;
In Memoriam: Rollin Arthur ReimEichstadt, Wayne58/3:7 ;
In Memoriam: Ronald Leo RoehlEichstadt, Wayne59/2:14 ;
In Memoriam: Vernon E. GreveCombined Effort31/4:1-2 ;
In the Footsteps of the Reformers We Continue to Proclaim a Message of SalvationBernthal, David W.56/2:11 ;
In the Footsteps of the Reformers: Christian BeyerReim, David J.56/3:4 ;
In the Footsteps of the Reformers: Jakob AndreaeReim, David J.56/4:3 ;
In the Footsteps of the Reformers: Johann Esch and Heinrich VoesReim, David J.56/2:5 ;
In the Footsteps of the Reformers: Johann HeermannReim, David J.57/1:4 ;
In the Footsteps of the Reformers: Johannes BugenhagenReim, David J.57/4:3 ;
Informational Meeting & its Role in Evangelism Outreach.Kurtzahn, Stephen25/4:16-19 ;
Interpretation of 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15, The - A Historical Study.Lau, David T.28/2:9-15 ;
Introduction to the Book of Revelation.Sippert, Steven P.54/3:7-20 ;
Introduction: We Appreciate the Means of Grace.Fleischer, Daniel36/3:1-2 ;
Investiture Controversy, The.Nolting, Paul D.28/4:1-13 ;
Isagogics, Modern Criticism, & Malachi.Lau, John13/1:17-26 ;
Jehovah/Jesus.Kuehne, Clifford M.37/3:3-19 ;
Jeremiah 31:31-34.Dommer, Robert22/1:3-18 ;
John 3:34.Schaller, Egbert08/1:8-11 ;
John Brenner: In Memoriam.Reim, Edmund02/4:47 ;
Josephus, Another Jolt re.Gullerud, C. M.12/2:42 ;
Joshua, A Study of.Schulz, Arthur13/4:2-13 ;
Journal of Theology, Vol. 25Lau, John25/1:6-18 ;
Journal of Theology: Fifty Years Ago.Sippert, Steven P.51/1:1 ;
Journal of Theology: Foreword - History, Issues, Plans.Reim, Edmund51/1:1-3 ;
Jubilee Sermonette for Reformation: Church.Reim, Peter R.50/3:1-3 ;
Jubilee Sermonette for Reformation: Confession.Fleischer, Paul G.50/3:4-6 ;
Jubilee Sermonette for Reformation: Lutheran.Reim, Peter R.50/3:3-4 ;
Justification, Quotable Quotes on.24/1:16-18 ;
Justification: Central Doctrine of Scripture.Gullerud, C. M.24/1:3-14 ;
Justification: Lutheran-Catholic Dialog.Gullerud, C. M.24/1:20-24 ;
KEPHALE-Structure & the E.R.A.Nolting, Paul F.15/2:8-13 ;
Knowing Christ: Phil. 3.Nolting, Paul F.15/4:3-18 ;
Lamentations 3:24a - Word Study.Frank, Garrett B.14/3:12-20 ;
Language, Some Observations on.Kuehne, Clifford M.20/1:23-37 ;
Law & Gospel, Proper Separation of.Pieper, August18/4:3-22 ;
LC-MS - 1981: Break with ALC.Lau, John21/3:39-40 ;
LC-MS - Leaven still working.Gullerud, C. M.13/3:38-41 ;
LC-MS - Still divided Body.Gullerud, C. M.15/3:38-39 ;
LC-MS returned to Truth?Gullerud, C. M.16/4:42-44 ;
LEARN OF JESUS CHRIST TO PRAYFleischer, Paul G.30/2:24 ;
Learn of Jesus Christ to Pray. Sermon Studies on John 17.Fleischer, Paul G.26/3:4-17 ;
Learn of Jesus Christ to Pray. Sermon Studies on John 17.Fleischer, Paul G.27/1:11-14 ;
Learn of Jesus Christ to Pray. Sermon Studies on John 17.Fleischer, Paul G.29/4:34-38 ;
Learn of Jesus Christ to Pray. Sermon Studies on John 17.Fleischer, Paul G.30/1:19-21 ;
Lecture Delivered Before the Theological Students at Luther Seminary, A.Gullerud, C. M.32/4:1-9 ;
Lenten Meditations on Texts from Jeremiah.Lau, David T.42/1:1-6 ;
Lenten Series: A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth.Lau, David T.32/1:17-24 ;
Less Social, More Individual.Galstad, Martin01/4:28-31 ;
Letters to the Seven Churches: #7 LaodiceaPfeiffer, John K.32/4:10-23 ;
Life & Death, How Christians decide matters of.Lau, David T.24/3:16-24 ;
Live, How should we? Review.Kuehne, Clifford M.17/2:40-44 ;
Love and Hate (Emphasis on Righteous Hatred).Pfeiffer, John K.27/3:1-9 ;
Love in Romans 16:17-18.Kuehne, Clifford M.14/2:12-15 ;
Love, Honor, and Obey.Nolting, Paul F.20/2:14-17 ;
Luther - The Educator.Nolting, Paul D.23/3:12-27 ;
Luther - The Hymn-Writer.Redlin, L. Dale23/4:3-11 ;
Luther - The Man. His Home and FamilyFleischer, Paul G.23/2:18-40 ;
Luther - The Preacher.Lau, John23/3:29-42 ;
Luther - The Reformer.Pfeiffer, John K.23/2:3-17 ;
Luther - The Seelsorger.Schulz, Arthur23/1:5-21 ;
Luther - The Translator.Kuehne, Clifford M.23/1:23-31 ;
Luther - The Translator. (concluded)Kuehne, Clifford M.23/3:3 ;
Luther and the 46th Psalm.Reim, Edmund07/3:3-7 ;
Luther Celebration in Retrospect.Gullerud, C. M.23/4:12-13 ;
Luther on Preachers & Preaching.Plass, Edwald M.23/3:44 ;
Luther on Unity: Quotation.Luther, Martin03/4:33 ;
Luther, Martin: 1483-1983.Wehrwein, Robert E.22/2:3-14 ;
Luther, Martin: A Man of the Word.Gullerud, C. M.23/1:3 ;
Luther's Treatise on Good Works.Lau, John07/5:2-22 ;
Lutheran Identity in America.Lau, John17/2:19-29 ;
Lutheran Merger. New: Its Roots.Gullerud, C. M.22/4:29-33 ;
Lutheran Merger. New: Union or Unity?Gullerud, C. M.22/4:27 ;
Lutheran Response to Humanism, The.Olmanson, Keith26/1:3-12 ;
Lutheranism Down Under.Schulz, Arthur28/2:3-9 ;
Maintaining Orthodoxy Within Our Fellowship.Kesterson, Terrel45/3:10-14 ;
Make His Praise Glorious.Reim, John C.39/2:1-28 ;
Making the Word of God Fully Known.Albrecht, James48/2:2-8 ;
Marriage of the Divorced. Passages re.Kuehne, Clifford M.23/4:31-43 ;
Marriage, Divorce, and RemarriageRoehl, Michael J.52/4:12-21 ;
Marriage: Holy Estate in Unholy World.Redlin, L. Dale16/2:22-29 ;
Marriages of Patriarchs. Luther on.Nolting, Paul F.21/1:22-35 ;
Martin Luther—from Fear to Faith, from Faith to Confidence, from Confidence to JoyNolting, Paul D.57/3:25 ;
Martin Luther, Reformation Theologian and Educator.Sydow, Michael39/4:1-11 ;
MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH (Conclusion)Lau, David T.25/2:3 ;
Matthew 18:17 and Excommunication.Schaller, Egbert01/3:18-26 ;
May We Be Found Faithful Stewards.Schaller, David48/4:6-12 ;
Meditation on Luke 1:8-23.Wehrwein, Robert E.18/3:3-15 ;
Meditation on Psalm 19.Nolting, Paul F.20/3:18-35 ;
Memorial Sermon: O.J. Eckert.Nolting, Paul F.14/3:35-38 ;
Memories from My Youth and Early Times in America: Dr. U. V. KorenGullerud, C. M.32/2:1-13 ;
Mentors, Manhood, and the Mountain: Helping Emerging Adult Men Navigate the Climb from Childhood to Adolescence to Manhood in the World (Part 1)Pfeiffer, David L. W.59/2:5 ;
Messages and Exhortations for Today's Christians from the Prophet Joel.Naumann, James J.54/3:27-31 ;
Millennialism from the Early Church to the ReformationPfeiffer, John K.57/4:8 ;
Millennialism: Principles of Interpretation.Kuehne, Clifford M.21/4:3-28 ;
Ministering to the Clinically Depressed.Nolting, Paul D.44/4:14-24 ;
Ministering to the Emotionally Disturbed.Thom, Michael29/3:21-24 ;
Ministering to the Victims of Alzheimer's Disease and Their Families.Barthels, Theodore W.41/4:11-14 ;
Ministering to Those with Bipolar Depression.Kesterson, Terrel46/3:22-25 ;
Ministers of ChristWeis, Mark P.57/2:3 ;
Ministry, The: A Joyful Sacrifice.Thurow, Theodore C.27/1:14-21 ;
Missiology Minute: God’s Eternal Universal Plan of Salvation, Old and New TestamentsLau, David T.59/2:34 ;
Mission Festival Sermon.Greve, Vernon32/3:2-4 ;
Missionary Efforts of the Christian Church to Western Border Lands of the Roman Empire. AD 590 - 1066.Matzke, Phillip D.42/1:17-23 ;
Missouri. Turmoil in.Gullerud, C. M.14/1:41-42 ;
More Translated Treasures.Lau, David T.53/2:26-31 ;
Nathanael Bartholomew.Schaller, David38/1:18-20 ;
Naumann, Oscar - Remembrances.Gullerud, C. M.19/3:44 ;
Northwestern College. Open Letter to Students & Alumni of.Lau, John22/2:29-38 ;
Not to be Ministered unto, but to Minister.Nolting, Paul F.12/4:2-10 ;
Notes from the EditorEichstadt, Wayne58/2:3 ;
Notes on 1 John 1:3-7.Schaller, Egbert10/2:12-16 ;
Notice of Essays on Church and Ministry.Combined Effort03/2:17 ;
Notice re computerized records.Lau, John20/4:18 ;
O Blessed Ministry of Reconciliation. God has reconciled us to Himself Through Jesus Christ.Sippert, Steven P.45/1:18-29 ;
O.T. Lenten Texts, A Homiletical Study.Schaller, Egbert03/5:2 ;
Obituary: C. M. GULLERUDTiefel, Paul35/1:1-2 ;
Obituary: Carl Martin ThurowTiefel, Paul39/3:1-3 ;
Objective and Subjective Justification as a Lutheran HermeneuticDaub, Timothy T.57/1:20 ;
Of the Election of Grace.Lau, David T.55/1:1-10 ;
Of the Use and Relevance of Walther's Theses … of Open Questions.Schaller, Egbert10/4:2-17 ;
Old Testament Exegesis: Job 1:13-22Naumann, Paul58/1:15 ;
Olivet Discourse (cont.Nolting, Paul F.28/2:15-20 ;
Olivet Discourse, The.Nolting, Paul F.27/2:14-18 ;
Omnes Christiani de Evangelio Consentiunt (All Christians Agree on the Gospel. )Schaller, Egbert51/2:6-13 ;
Omnes Christiani De Evangelio Consentiunt.Schaller, Egbert01/1:7-23 ;
Opening Address at IL Seminary.Gullerud, C. M.18/3:31-33 ;
Opening Address at ILC: 1 Kings 8:57f.Gurgel, Roland A.19/3:41-43 ;
Opening Address at ILC: 1 Pet. 1:24f.Radtke, Gordon P.22/3:36-38 ;
Opening Address at ILC: 2 Cor. 3:1-6.Gullerud, C. M.13/3:30 ;
Opening Address at ILC: James 4:7-8a.Gullerud, C. M.12/3:40-41 ;
Opening Address at ILC: Psalm 8:1.Gullerud, C. M.17/3:47 ;
Opening Address at ILC.Gullerud, C. M.14/3:40-42 ;
Opening Address at ILC.Hallauer, Elton A.18/3:27-30 ;
Opening Devotion: CLC Teachers' Conference.Fleischer, Paul G.29/2:30-33 ;
Ordained Women Pastors? 36/4:39.Dommer, Robert36/4:22 ;
Our Calling: Servants of God--Servants of People, (conclusion)Redlin, L. Dale15/4:30 ;
Our Heritage From Faithful Teachers.Schulz, Arthur11/4:24-29 ;
Our Oft-Forgotten Name: The Elect of God.Sydow, Gilbert08/4:2-10 ;
Our President Speaks.Rehm, Robert11/4:5 ;
Our Threefold Reformation Prayer (A Reformation Sermon)Lau, David T.57/3:38 ;
Out of Necessity: A History of the Church of the Lutheran Confession.Lau, David T.50/2:1-7 ;
Paideia: A Time To Ask.Galstad, Martin06/3:9-13 ;
Paideia: Being and Becoming.Galstad, Martin02/2:15 ;
Paideia: Chapel Addresses. Genesis 22Combined Effort06/1:13-18 ;
Paideia: Communication: A Key to Harmony in the Ministry.Quade, Ted39/1:24-29 ;
Paideia: Controlled Reaction.Galstad, Martin03/2:14 ;
Paideia: Creativity.Galstad, Martin05/5:18-21 ;
Paideia: Days Should Speak.Galstad, Martin06/2:8-11 ;
Paideia: Deal Wisely With Them.Gurgel, Roland A.06/4:13 ;
Paideia: Education for What?Galstad, Martin04/3:28-32 ;
Paideia: Existentialism and Theology.Galstad, Martin03/3:16 ;
Paideia: Figure Me Out.Galstad, Martin06/5:19-23 ;
Paideia: Footnote to CreativityGalstad, Martin06/1:9-12 ;
Paideia: For the School Sermon.Galstad, Martin05/3:32-36 ;
Paideia: From a Pastor's and Professor's NotebookGurgel, Roland A.32/2:23-25 ;
PAIDEIA: From a Pastor's and Professor's Notebook: XVIII IsaiahGurgel, Roland A.32/3:18-19 ;
Paideia: From a Pastor's and Professor's Notebook.Gurgel, Roland A.31/4:25-27 ;
Paideia: From a Pastor's and Professor's Notebook.Gurgel, Roland A.28/2:20-22 ;
Paideia: From a Pastor's and Professor's Notebook.Gurgel, Roland A.29/1:38-40 ;
Paideia: From a Pastor's and Professor's Notebook.Gurgel, Roland A.30/1:34 ;
Paideia: From a Pastor's and Professor's Notebook.Gurgel, Roland A.31/1:25-27 ;
Paideia: From a Pastor's and Professor's Notebook.Gurgel, Roland A.32/1:36-38 ;
Paideia: From a Pastor's and Professor's Notebook. (continued)Gurgel, Roland A.30/3:10 ;
Paideia: How Can We Affect Attitudes of Children in Dealing with Peer Pressure and the Influence of the World? 31/1:28-37.Olmanson, Keith31/1:18-24 ;
Paideia: How to Involve Parents in the Spiritual Education of Their Children.Rehm, Robert33/2:24-26 ;
Paideia: Is Education the Solution to Our Problem - or is the Solution Our Problem? 28/3:4-18.Sydow, Gilbert28/3:2-10 ;
Paideia: Learning As Entertainment.Galstad, Martin05/1:16-20 ;
Paideia: Left to the Living.Galstad, Martin03/5:35 ;
Paideia: Men and Machines.Galstad, Martin02/3:16 ;
Paideia: More Findings.Galstad, Martin07/2:24-28 ;
Paideia: Point and Process.Galstad, Martin02/1:28 ;
Paideia: Refinding Fundamentals.Galstad, Martin07/1:21-24 ;
Paideia: Shaping the Attention (perhaps a reverie).Galstad, Martin05/2:30-36 ;
Paideia: Social or Sacred?Galstad, Martin04/1:28-32 ;
Paideia: Spiritual Readiness.Gurgel, Roland A.08/1:13-14 ;
Paideia: Stance and Consequence.Galstad, Martin01/5:23 ;
Paideia: Teachers on Strike.Gurgel, Roland A.08/3:17-19 ;
Paideia: Teaching That Takes.Galstad, Martin03/1:25 ;
Paideia: Teaching the Teachers.Galstad, Martin04/5:30-36 ;
Paideia: Telling and Teaching.Galstad, Martin02/4:23 ;
Paideia: The Exceptional Child.Galstad, Martin01/2:23-29 ;
Paideia: The Responsibility of a Minority.Galstad, Martin01/1:30-32 ;
Paideia: The Teacher as Artist.Galstad, Martin04/2:22-25 ;
Paideia: Working up Trifles.Galstad, Martin02/5:20-23 ;
PanoramaEichstadt, Wayne57/2:36 ;
Panorama: And Now – CLC!Reim, Edmund03/4:39 ;
Panorama: Update on CLC Meeting with WELS_ELS.Fleischer, Daniel30/1:31-22 ;
Panorama: A Brief Look at the 1999 WELS Convention.Lau, John39/3:26-27 ;
Panorama: A Brief Statement – Then and Now.Gullerud, C. M.02/2:27 ;
Panorama: A Common Bible for All Christians?Reim, Edmund06/5:44-46 ;
Panorama: A Doctrinal Statement.Schaller, Egbert09/2:31 ;
Panorama: A Look at the Second Vatican Council.Gullerud, C. M.03/2:29 ;
Panorama: A Matter of Blasphemy, Timing, Responsibility.Reim, Edmund04/5:38-41 ;
Panorama: A New “Call for Decision” . .Roehl, Michael J.40/2:17-21 ;
Panorama: A New Church Body is Born.Gullerud, C. M.04/3:34-35 ;
Panorama: A New Hope.Reim, Edmund04/4:44 ;
Panorama: A New Synodical Conference.Schaller, Egbert11/1:39-40 ;
Panorama: A Partitioned Fellowship.Gullerud, C. M.08/1:34 ;
Panorama: A Pleasure to Report.Reim, Edmund05/2:37 ;
Panorama: A Quotation.07/2:39 ;
Panorama: A Quotation.07/2:44 ;
Panorama: A Report of the Board of Doctrine.Schaller, Egbert04/2:30-31 ;
Panorama: A Report of the Board of Doctrine.Doctrine, Board of04/5:48 ;
Panorama: A Review of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s “Scriptural Principles of Man and Woman Roles” and its “Restatement”Naumann, Bruce J.58/4:24 ;
Panorama: A Roman Definition of Joint Prayer.Gullerud, C. M.01/3:41 ;
Panorama: A Sample for Sequel.Reim, Edmund06/5:47 ;
Panorama: A Sequel to Aggiornamento?Reim, Edmund06/4:39 ;
Panorama: A Statement – The 25th Anniversary.Gullerud, C. M.11/1:31-38 ;
Panorama: A Subversive Effort.Schaller, Egbert09/3:26 ;
Panorama: A Tribute to Walther.Gullerud, C. M.01/5:31 ;
Panorama: AAL and ELS/WELS.Lau, John33/1:4 ;
Panorama: AAL, ELS. WELSLau, John33/1:31-32 ;
Panorama: AALC First Convention.Lau, David T.29/1:36-38 ;
Panorama: Ambiguities at Milwaukee Convention.Gullerud, C. M.11/4:34 ;
Panorama: An Editorial Posture Examined.Lau, John11/2:26-28 ;
Panorama: An Index of Articles in the Lutheran Spokesman and the Journal of Theology on What Separates the CLC from Others.Schulz, Arthur37/2:14-27 ;
Panorama: And a Postscript.Reim, Edmund01/5:39 ;
Panorama: Anemic Reporting.Gullerud, C. M.01/2:41 ;
Panorama: Another Attempt to Clarify.Lau, John29/1:35-36 ;
Panorama: Bethany Reformation Lectures.Sydow, Gilbert09/5:32-34 ;
Panorama: By-passing the Impasse.Gullerud, C. M.01/3:41 ;
Panorama: Change and Decay.Reim, Edmund07/1:37-40 ;
Panorama: CLC Convention Considers the Joint StatementCombined Effort56/3:34 ;
Panorama: Commentary on a Convention Resolution.Lau, David T.32/3:13-18 ;
Panorama: Conservatism and Rom. 16:17Schaller, Egbert09/1:30-33 ;
Panorama: Crescendo Accelerando.Reim, Edmund04/4:42-43 ;
Panorama: Dakota-Montana, A Statement.Albrecht, Paul G.04/4:41 ;
Panorama: Documents: A Book Review.Reim, Edmund06/3:20 ;
Panorama: Ecumenical Mobilization.Gullerud, C. M.01/5:34-35 ;
Panorama: Ecumenicity and Realignment.Gullerud, C. M.11/4:31-32 ;
Panorama: ELCA/Episcopal/Reformed Full-Communion.Kurtzahn, Stephen37/1:28-29 ;
Panorama: Entrenched Ecclesiasticism.Gullerud, C. M.01/2:37 ;
Panorama: Fellowship Now!Reim, Edmund01/3:46-48 ;
Panorama: Fellowship Then and Now – II.Reim, Edmund01/3:45 ;
Panorama: Fellowship Then and Now.Reim, Edmund01/1:47 ;
Panorama: Food for Thought (Meditations).Lau, John06/1:39-40 ;
Panorama: From Cleveland to ? .Reim, Edmund02/3:31 ;
Panorama: From Distortion to MisrepresentationLau, John39/2:31-32 ;
Panorama: Homosexuality in Germany.Dommer, Robert37/2:27-29 ;
Panorama: How Times Have Changed.Schaller, Egbert09/3:37 ;
Panorama: Intolerance by the TolerantGullerud, C. M.01/2:40 ;
Panorama: Is this still The Synodical Conference?Reim, Edmund02/5:30-34 ;
Panorama: James A. Pike, A Case History.Reim, Edmund07/4:34-36 ;
Panorama: John Behnken – In Memoriam.Reim, Edmund08/1:37 ;
Panorama: Just for the Record.Schaller, Egbert03/4:40 ;
Panorama: King James' Successor.Reim, Edmund01/1:45-47 ;
Panorama: Luther-Words to Preachers of the Word.Luther, Martin07/3:37 ;
Panorama: Meeting of WELS_ELS and CLC: An Interim Report.Lau, John29/4:33-34 ;
Panorama: Ministers of Christ (A Review).Reim, Edmund05/2:39-40 ;
Panorama: Missouri: A Case History.Reim, Edmund05/3:38-39 ;
Panorama: Mo. and the NLC – The Overall Picture.Reim, Edmund02/2:24 ;
Panorama: Mo.'s New Image.Reim, Edmund02/5:34 ;
Panorama: Moral Collapse.Dommer, Robert36/3:30 ;
Panorama: New Delhi – An Appraisal.Gullerud, C. M.02/1:35 ;
Panorama: NLC and Missouri, How Much is Sufficient?Reim, Edmund01/5:40-42 ;
Panorama: No Substitute.Gullerud, C. M.09/5:29-30 ;
Panorama: None So Blind.Reim, Edmund02/3:29 ;
Panorama: Norman A. Madson: In Memoriam.Reim, Edmund02/5:28-30 ;
Panorama: Northwestern Lutheran Reports on CLC & WELS Discussions.Gullerud, C. M.11/4:33 ;
Panorama: OLIO .: LCMS and Unionism in the ChaplaincyLau, John40/2:21-22 ;
Panorama: On Conflict ResolutionLau, John39/2:30-31 ;
Panorama: On the Ecumenicity of Money.Lau, John39/3:27-28 ;
Panorama: On What Level?Gullerud, C. M.01/1:43 ;
Panorama: Once More Unto the Breach: WELS and Romans 16:17-18.Lau, John36/4:18-21 ;
Panorama: Open House.Schaller, Egbert05/5:41-42 ;
Panorama: Our Scientific Age.Gullerud, C. M.03/2:25 ;
Panorama: Output Equals Intake.Schaller, Egbert05/1:33-34 ;
Panorama: Prayer in Public Schools.Reim, Edmund04/2:35-37 ;
Panorama: Problems Today in the ELCA.Lau, John39/2:29-30 ;
Panorama: Professor John P. Meyer.Reim, Edmund04/5:43 ;
Panorama: Publication Notices.Schaller, Egbert07/1:42 ;
Panorama: Reaction to Revelation, Inspiration, Inerrancy – A Report.Gullerud, C. M.04/3:37-43 ;
Panorama: Reformation or Apostasy? 33/1:39-44.Kurtzahn, Stephen33/1:33-36 ;
Panorama: Reply to a Proposal.Schaller, Egbert07/3:32 ;
Panorama: Revelation, Inspiration, Inerrancy – A Report.Reim, Edmund04/2:27-29 ;
Panorama: Review of the Lord's Supper Statement of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod.Klatt, John V.39/1:19-24 ;
Panorama: Robert David Preus, 1924-1995.Lau, John35/4:29-30 ;
Panorama: Sacred Scripture & Tradition.Gullerud, C. M.03/2:30 ;
Panorama: Schmucker Redux .Lau, John37/3:19-21 ;
Panorama: Scientist & Theologian Discuss Gen.Reim, Edmund03/5:43 ;
Panorama: Second Vatican Council.Reim, Edmund02/4:37 ;
Panorama: Semper eadem.Gullerud, C. M.01/1:42-43 ;
Panorama: Sifting Truth From Myth.Gullerud, C. M.11/1:27-30 ;
Panorama: Some Editorial Musings.Lau, John37/3:21-23 ;
Panorama: Something Old, Nothing New.Roehl, Michael J.39/3:22-26 ;
Panorama: Speaking of Clergymen – Clergymen I Have Known.Reim, Edmund06/2:18-21 ;
Panorama: Speaking of Liberals & Conservatives.Reim, Edmund06/4:39 ;
Panorama: Statement of Faith & Purpose.Doctrine, Board of09/2:33-44 ;
Panorama: The Bishop Who Is Not a Bishop.Gullerud, C. M.08/1:31-32 ;
Panorama: The CLC Resolution.Reim, Edmund01/5:36-38 ;
Panorama: The Comfort Factor.Lau, John33/1:33 ;
Panorama: The Conference Prospectus.Lau, John04/1:37 ;
Panorama: The Council So-Called.Gullerud, C. M.04/5:44-47 ;
Panorama: The Ethic of Controversy.Reim, Edmund07/5:41-44 ;
Panorama: The Finnish Confessional Church.Combined Effort10/3:18-24 ;
Panorama: The Greek NT.Reim, Edmund08/2:35-36 ;
Panorama: The Lord Laughs.Reim, Edmund07/3:35 ;
Panorama: The Message or the Medium?Lau, John10/4:30-34 ;
Panorama: The Millennium – How?Schaller, Egbert08/2:33-34 ;
Panorama: The Ministry – Glorious or Inglorious?Gullerud, C. M.11/2:30-32 ;
Panorama: The NT in the Language of Today.Reim, Edmund05/1:35-39 ;
Panorama: The Nub of the Matter.Gullerud, C. M.01/3:39-40 ;
Panorama: The Only Honest Liberal.Kurtzahn, Stephen38/2:23-24 ;
Panorama: The Power of the Purse.Reim, Edmund05/2:38 ;
Panorama: The Problem of Free Conferences – I.Reim, Edmund04/1:34-36 ;
Panorama: The Problem of Free Conferences – II.Reim, Edmund04/1:39-40 ;
Panorama: The Sad Aftermath of Denver.Schaller, Egbert09/4:35-36 ;
Panorama: The Second Lutheran Free Conference.Reim, Edmund05/3:40-42 ;
Panorama: The Third Lutheran Free Conference.Reim, Edmund06/1:37-38 ;
Panorama: The Tragic Importance of an Omission.Lau, John33/4:37-38 ;
Panorama: The Voice … The Hands.Reim, Edmund03/2:23 ;
Panorama: Theological Implications of the Living Will.Fossum, Vance A.31/1:5-18 ;
Panorama: Time On Luther.Reim, Edmund07/2:40-43 ;
Panorama: To Set the Record Straight.Schaller, Egbert01/3:43-44 ;
Panorama: Under the Same Roof.Gullerud, C. M.01/1:44 ;
Panorama: Valedictory of An Editor.Reim, Edmund06/3:21 ;
Panorama: Vatican II and the Jews.Reim, Edmund06/4:28-37 ;
Panorama: Voices from the Past.Lau, John32/1:25-34 ;
Panorama: Waystations on Union Road.Gullerud, C. M.01/2:38 ;
Panorama: WELS_ELS and CLC Discussions: 1987-1990 Revisited.Lau, John36/3:27-30 ;
Panorama: What Cleveland Made Clear.Reim, Edmund02/4:44 ;
Panorama: What is Going On? 31/4:38-40.Lau, John31/4:24-25 ;
Panorama: What is Going On? (Revisited).Lau, John32/1:34-36 ;
Panorama: What is Going On? #3.Lau, John33/1:32-33 ;
Panorama: What price Ecumania?Gullerud, C. M.01/2:35 ;
Panorama: What Still Remains – and Why?Reim, Edmund04/2:32-34 ;
Panorama: What's in a Name? 40/2:53-54.Lau, John40/2:22 ;
Panorama: Who is a Jew?Schulz, Arthur10/4:35-36 ;
Panorama: Why a Review? Why 1955 to 1961?Reim, Edmund05/5:34-39 ;
Panorama: William Beck – In Memoriam and a Tribute.Reim, Edmund07/1:41 ;
Panorama: Wisconsin – Alone?Reim, Edmund03/4:34 ;
Panorama: Wisconsin – How Big?Reim, Edmund03/4:37 ;
Panorama: Wisconsin & CLC – Do we Agree?Reim, Edmund05/4:44-50 ;
Panorama: Wisconsin Replies.Reim, Edmund05/4:43 ;
Panorama: Wisconsin Synod & CLC – A Report.Schaller, Egbert10/1:27-32 ;
Panorama: Yes, Let Us Celebrate.Reim, Edmund07/4:33 ;
Panorama:A Response to a WELS Critique of the 2002 CLC Convention.Lau, John43/2:23-27 ;
Pantheism in the Environmental Movement.Kurtzahn, Stephen35/1:18-23 ;
Pastor. Special Dangers facing a.Schulz, Arthur18/1:11-23 ;
Pastor's & Professor's Notebook, From a.Gurgel, Roland A.27/3:10-12 ;
Pastoral Office. Special Blessings of.Schulz, Arthur18/2:28-39 ;
Pastors pray as we ought, Do we?Schulz, Arthur13/3:2-9 ;
Paul's Tailor Made Witnessing at Antioch and AthensNaumann, Bruce R.29/3:24-27 ;
Pericopic System, A New.Nolting, Paul F.25/1:40-44 ; 25/2:35 ;
Pericopic System, A New.Nolting, Paul F.26/1:30-39 ;
Pericopic Systems.Reim, Edmund02/2:19 ;
Postscript to Colwell's Rule and John 1:1.Kuehne, Clifford M.15/2:21 ;
Pray for the Holy Spirit! 35/1:11-32.Nolting, Paul F.35/1:7-18 ;
Prayer is the Christian's Vital Breath.Reim, David J.37/1:17-28 ;
Pre-Incarnation Appearances of the Second Person of the Trinity.Koenig, David P.31/2:12-22 ;
Preaching of the GospelWinfred Schaller, Sr.34/2:8-17 ;
Preaching of the Gospel : Thesis IIIWinfred Schaller, Sr.33/4:6-9 ;
Preaching the Word: Anniversary Sermon, Isa. 52:7-10.Gullerud, C. M.09/3:20-24 ;
Preaching the Word: C. Albrecht – In Memoriam.Schaller, Egbert10/4:19-22 ;
Preaching the Word: Cause for Thanksgiving.Albrecht, Paul G.02/5:24-27 ;
Preaching the Word: Close of the Church Year.Schaller, Egbert08/4:20-29 ;
Preaching the Word: Daniel, Parts I-IX.Schaller, Egbert04/3:20-26 ;
Preaching the Word: Dedication Sermon, Col. 3:17.Gullerud, C. M.10/3:29-32 ;
Preaching the Word: Do-It-Yourself Exegesis For the Parsonage Study.Radtke, Gordon P.07/3:22-25 ;
Preaching the Word: For a Pastoral Conference Communion Service.Schaller, Egbert08/5:24-28 ;
Preaching the Word: For Light Hearts and Feet, Heb. 12:1-3.Kuehne, Clifford M.09/2:21-27 ;
Preaching the Word: For New Year's Day.Schaller, Egbert08/5:19-23 ;
Preaching the Word: From Fear to Faith.Nauman, Bertram J.06/4:15-24 ;
Preaching the Word: From Ichabod to Ebenezer, 1 Samuel.Schaller, Egbert05/4:31-41 ;
Preaching the Word: Funeral Address, G. Tiefel Sr.Gullerud, C. M.11/2:20-24 ;
Preaching the Word: Graduation – The Lord God is Their Inheritance.Schaller, Ralph06/3:15-18 ;
Preaching the Word: In the Christmas Season.Schaller, Egbert07/5:24-33 ;
Preaching the Word: In the Trinity Season.Schaller, Egbert08/3:21-32 ;
Preaching the Word: Isa. 40:5Pieper, August03/2:18 ;
Preaching the Word: Isa. 53 & the NT Gospel.Pieper, August05/2:23-28 ;
Preaching the Word: Joint Reformation Observance.Schaller, Egbert03/3:37 ;
Preaching the Word: Lamentations.Schaller, Egbert03/1:29 ;
Preaching the Word: Lenten Messages in Hebrews.Schaller, Egbert11/1:16-25 ;
Preaching the Word: Our Heritage.Kuegele01/5:28 ;
Preaching the Word: Pastoral Conference Sermon.Schierenbeck, David R.10/1:19-26 ;
Preaching the Word: Reflections on a Christian Parochial School, Rev.Schaller, Egbert10/2:24-28 ;
Preaching the Word: Reformation Thoughts, John 8:39-40.Schaller, Egbert10/4:23-28 ;
Preaching the Word: Self-dedication.Schierenbeck, Lester W.01/1:33-39 ;
Preaching the Word: Sermon for Graduation.Sydow, Gilbert05/3:24-30 ;
Preaching the Word: Setting Up the Banners.Kuegele01/2:31-33 ;
Preaching the Word: Sola Scriptura.Madson, Norman A.02/4:28 ;
Preaching the Word: Something About Priorities, Mark 8:1-9.Schaller, Egbert10/2:18-22 ;
Preaching the Word: The Easter Season.Schaller, Egbert08/1:16-29 ;
Preaching the Word: The Light of the World.Galstad, Martin04/1:18-26 ;
Preaching the Word: The Third Need.Kuegele02/2:18 ;
Preaching the Word: Thoughts for Pentecost.Schaller, Egbert08/2:23-32 ;
Preaching the Word: Thoughts For Reformation Preaching, Jude.Schaller, Egbert07/4:20-31 ;
Preachings from DanielNolting, Paul F.43/1:4-13 ;
Preachings from DanielNolting, Paul F.42/4:1-10 ;
Preachings from Daniel.Nolting, Paul F.42/3:1-11 ;
Preachings from Daniel.Nolting, Paul F.42/2:1-11 ;
Preachings from Daniel.Nolting, Paul F.43/2:4-13 ;
Preface: 1967.Schaller, Egbert07/2:2 ;
Principle of Paul's Preaching: Sermon.Dommer, Robert13/4:40-43 ;
Private Care of Souls, The.Schulz, Arthur14/4:2-7 ;
Prof. Egbert Schaller: In Memoriam (1904-1971).Gullerud, C. M.11/4:3-4 ;
Professor Edmund C. Reim (1892-1969).Gullerud, C. M.09/4:2-3 ;
Proper and Improper Distinguishing among Fundamental Doctrines, Non-Fundamental Doctrines, and Open Ques-tions, Especially as They Relate to Church Fellowship, The.Hallauer, Elton A.26/4:3-7 ;
Prophetic Time-Term: BEACHARITH HAYYAMIM.Nolting, Paul F.24/3:26-38 ;
Psalm 2 - Metrical Version.Reim, Edmund15/4:40 ;
PSALM 51 SERMON SERIES: IV. Psalm 51:5-6Fleischer, Paul G.35/2:29-31 ;
PSALM 51 SERMON SERIES: V. Psalm 51:7-9Fleischer, Paul G.35/3:25-28 ;
PSALM 51 SERMON SERIES: VII. Psalm 51:13-15Fleischer, Paul G.37/2:20 ;
PSALM 51 SERMON SERIES: VII. Psalm 51:13-15Fleischer, Paul G.37/2:8-14 ;
Psalm 51 Sermon Series.Fleischer, Paul G.33/2:22-24 ;
Psalm 51 Sermon Series.Fleischer, Paul G.33/1:29-31 ;
Psalm 51 Sermon Series. : Psalm 51:3-4Fleischer, Paul G.35/1:23-26 ;
Psalm 51 Sermon Series. VI. Psalm 51:10-12Fleischer, Paul G.37/1:2-6 ;
Quartalschrift, Paging through the.Wehrwein, Robert E.22/2:20-27 ;
Questions re Leadership & Loyalty, Some.Gullerud, C. M.14/4:40 ;
Reflections of an Editor.Reim, Edmund05/5:4-9 ;
Reflections on our Age, Some.Gullerud, C. M.14/4:36-38 ;
Reformation and Christmas.Schaller, Paul W.42/3:20-23 ;
Reformation Books in Review.Lau, David T.52/4:21-27 ;
Reformation Books in Review.Lau, David T.53/1:26-28 ;
Reformation Sermon: The Battle between Flesh and Spirit in the ChristianLau, David T.58/3:3 ;
Relationship of Objective Justification to Subjective Justification.Gieschen, Herman27/2:10-13 ;
Religion in the Public Schools.Kuehne, Clifford M.12/1:3-11 ;
Repentance of God.Galstad, Martin14/4:20-29 ;
Restore Unto Us the Joy of Thy Salvation.Barthels, George A.30/4:2-4 ;
Revelation 2:1-7, Exegesis of.Pfeiffer, John K.26/1:19-22 ;
Revelation to St. John, Ch 1-3: An Overview.Hallauer, Elton A.26/1:14-18 ;
Review of the Background & Content of the Book of Concord.Schulz, Arthur11/5:2-11 ;
Revolution and Evolution.Schaller, Egbert08/3:11-15 ;
Rom. 4:25. DIA, & Objective Justification.Wehrwein, Robert E.21/3:19-37 ;
Roman Catholicism, Updating.Schulz, Arthur16/1:3-12 ;
Rome and its new Pope.Gullerud, C. M.18/3:34-35 ;
Salvation in the Forefront, Keeping.Wehrwein, Robert E.21/2:22-27 ;
Schuetze, Pastor W. Funeral Sermon.Redlin, L. Dale19/2:32-35 ;
Schuetze, Pastor Waldemar: Notice of Death.Lau, John19/1:8 ;
Scripture cannot be Broken.Engelder, Theodore12/4:41 ;
Seasonal Psalms & Prophecy.Reim, Edmund06/5:3-7 ;
Seeking the Larger Joys of Preaching.Schaller, Egbert02/3:2 ;
Self-Worth.Reim, John C.30/4:14-21 ;
Sermon at Prof. E. Schaller's Funeral, Heb. 13:7.Schierenbeck, Lester W.11/4:6-9 ;
Sermon for Advent - Isaiah 7:10-14.Fleischer, Paul G.36/4:1-4 ;
Sermon for Second Christmas Day, by Gottlieb Schaller.Schaller, Gottlieb31/4:2-10 ;
Sermon on Ephesians 1: 3-14.Fleischer, Paul G.54/2:6-9 ;
Sermon on Mark 5:21-24a,35-43McKenney, Kevin P.59/1:26 ;
Sermon on Mount, Proper Understanding of.Pieper, August19/1:23-37 ;
Sermon Series: The Ten Commandments : 6thGantt, Frank49/2:1-3 ;
Sermon Series: The Ten Commandments: 3rdGantt, Frank48/4:2-6 ;
Sermon Series: The Ten Commandments: 4th & 5thGantt, Frank49/1:2-7 ;
Sermon Series: The Ten Commandments: 7&8thGantt, Frank49/3:2-5 ;
Sermon Series: The Ten Commandments.Gantt, Frank49/4:1-6 ;
Sermon Series: The Ten Commandments. : 1st & 2ndGantt, Frank48/3:1-7 ;
Sermon Studies for the Advent Season.Lau, John11/5:23-40 ;
Sermon Studies on the O.T. Review.Nolting, Paul F.25/4:38 ;
Sermon Study - Ruth 1:16.Reim, Rollin A.31/2:2-3 ;
Sermon Study for Good Friday.Schulz, Arthur13/1:27-32 ;
Sermon Study on Zechariah 12:8-10.Ude, John26/1:24-28 ;
Sermon Study: Elijah the Tishbite.Lau, John18/3:16-25 ;
Sermon Study: The Eternal Word.Sydow, Michael49/4:9-12 ;
Sermon Study: The Eternal Word.Sydow, Michael15/4:36-39 ;
Sermon: 4 Witnesses for Defense of Christ's Deity.Fleischer, Paul G.15/1:23-28 ;
Sermon: ILC Men's Dorm Groundbreaking.Larsen, Paul F.20/2:27-30 ;
Sermon: New Year's Eve.Wehrwein, Robert E.17/4:22-28 ;
Sermon: Proverbs 19:18.Kurtzahn, Stephen39/3:19-22 ;
Sermon: Psalm 46:10.Kurtzahn, Stephen41/4:1-4 ;
Sermon: The Holy Spirit Never Contradicts Himself in the Word! 32/3:8-13.Nolting, Paul F.32/3:4-7 ;
Sermon: Wisdom from AboveBernthal, Luke58/3:15 ;
Sermons for a Building Project (concluded)Lau, David T.41/2:1-8 ;
Sermons for a Building Project from the Book of Nehemiah.Lau, David T.40/4:12-20 ;
Sermons for a Building Project from the Book of Nehemiah.Lau, David T.41/1:18-27 ;
Sermons on Texts in Revelation: Victory! Rev. 1:1-7Gantt, Frank54/3:2-4 ;
SERMONS TO SEMINARIANS; Homiletics Sermon #5 (Fall 2000): 1 John 4:7-12Lau, David T.47/2:5-7 ;
SERMONS TO SEMINARIANS: Homiletics Sermon #6 (Fall 2001): Proverbs 25:11-13Lau, David T.47/2:8-10 ;
SERMONS TO SEMINARIANS: Homiletics Sermon #7 (Fall 2002): Psalm 73:21-28Lau, David T.47/3:2-8 ;
SERMONS TO SEMINARIANS: Homiletics Sermon #9 (Fall 2004): Luke 10:38-42Lau, David T.47/4:2-5 ;
Sermons to Seminarians. 1 & 2Lau, David T.46/4:2-10 ;
Sermons to Seminarians. 3 & 4Lau, David T.47/1:2-11 ;
Sez Who? Knowing the Difference Between the Christian's Resignation to God's Will in Our Life and the Philosophy of Fatalism.Fanning, Warren41/3:9-15 ;
Shepherd & Sheep: Person to Person, 1 and 2 Thessalonians.Nolting, Paul F.23/1:32-44 ;
Sola Scriptura Principle & Biblical Studies Today - Crisis and Conflict.Lau, John12/3:2-18 ;
Some Notes on the New International Version.Fossum, Vance A.35/4:15-26 ;
Song of Solomon: A Homiletical Review, The.Pfeiffer, John K.32/3:8-12 ;
Sources & Date of St.Schaller, Egbert10/2:2-11 ;
Sovereignty of God, The, and Rom. 9Koch, Paul R.27/2:1-9 ;
Speech at Luther College, May 1, 1904: Dr. U. V. KorenGullerud, C. M.31/1:1-4 ;
Spiritual, Discerning the.Nolting, Paul F.24/4:13-26 ;
St. Paul's Customs in 1 Cor. 11.Lau, John11/2:11-14 ;
Stonebreaker, The: Poem.Schulz, Arthur13/3:10-11 ;
Studies in Luther: Luther's Relationship with and Writings about the Jews - Part III.Nolting, Paul D.43/3:20-31 ;
Studies in Luther: Luther's Relationship With and Writings About the Jews.Nolting, Paul D.39/1:2-12 ;
Study of 2 Cor. 5:19Wehrwein, Robert E.22/1:20-31 ;
Study of 2 Corinthians 5:11-21: Christ's Compelling Love - Our Compelling Ministry, A.Fleischer, Paul G.31/3:19-26 ;
Study of 2 Thessalonians 3:6,14,15.Schaller, Paul W.28/1:2-6 ;
Study of Romans 16:17-18.Kuehne, Clifford M.28/1:6-16 ;
Study of the Difference Between a Typical Prophecy and a Direct Prophecy, A.Lau, David T.31/3:13-19 ;
Study of the Doctrinal Platform of the ELCA.Schulz, Arthur27/4:21-25 ;
Table: Controversies Following the Leipzig Interim.Fleischer, Paul G.55/1:30 ;
Teaching About Emotions in a Christian's Faith-Life.Albrecht, James52/3:5-11 ;
Teaching Children Humility.Fossum, Vance A.54/1:19-31 ;
Teaching the Love of God.Gullerud, C. M.26/2:3-8 ;
Temptations That Especially Confront the Orthodox Revisited.Kurtzahn, Stephen39/4:11-15 ;
Temptations that Especially Confront the Orthodox.Galstad, Martin01/3:2-16 ;
Temptations that Especially Confront the Orthodox.Galstad, Martin51/3:8 ;
Tenses, Topics on: Prohibitions.Kuehne, Clifford M.21/1:3-9 ;
The 7th Petition and Doxology: Sermon.Gantt, Frank51/4:1-8 ;
The Abyss in the Book of RevelationPfeiffer, John K.58/3:30 ;
The Anointing of Jesus (1968).Schaller, Egbert48/3:7-11 ;
The Anointing of Jesus.Schaller, Egbert08/2:2-11 ;
The Apostle Paul—A Case for GraceOlmanson, Keith56/3:13 ;
The Appropriation of Justification: Justifying Faith.Reim, Norbert H.47/3:8-18 ;
The Bible in Transition.Sydow, Gilbert09/2:2-19 ;
The Blessings of the Lutheran Confessions.Krafft, Peter55/2:14-20 ;
The Book Of Concord And The Doctrine Of Church And Ministry - Historical Overview (conclusion)Wehrwein, Robert E.20/3:3 ;
The Centrality of the Gospel in Our MinistryKurtzahn, Stephen38/1:1-7 ;
The Christian's Hope and Purpose in These Darkening Days.Gullerud, Mark J.41/1:6-9 ;
The Christian's State: Complete in Christ and Knowing Christ.Nolting, Paul F.45/2:3-14 ;
The Church of the Lutheran Confession - Fifty Years.: Chapter 2: Confessional LutheranismLau, David T.49/1:9-14 ;
The Church of the Lutheran Confession - Fifty Years.: Chapter 3: Synodical Conference ControversiesLau, David T.49/1:14-24 ;
The Church of the Lutheran Confession - Fifty Years.:Chapter 7: Concerning Church FellowshipLau, David T.49/4:12-21 ;
The Church of the Lutheran Confession - Fifty Years.:Chapter 6: The Beginnings of Immanuel Lutheran CollegeLau, David T.49/3:13-17 ;
The Church of the Lutheran Confession - Fifty Years.:Chapter 8: Concerning Church and MinistryLau, David T.50/1:6-18 ;
The Church of the Lutheran Confession - Fifty Years.:Chapter 9: Organizing the Church of the Lutheran ConfessionLau, David T.49/4:22-29 ;
The Church of the Lutheran Confession—Fifty Years: Chapter 1: The Grace of GodLau, David T.49/1:8-9 ;
The Church of the Lutheran Confession—Fifty Years.: Chapter 4: Taking a StandLau, David T.49/2:12-25 ;
The Church of the Lutheran Confession—Fifty Years.:Chapter 5: The Interim ConferenceLau, David T.49/3:6-13 ;
The Church, Visible and InvisibleSchaller, Egbert09/4:9-24 ;
The Circumcision of Jesus – A Very Significant Day.Naumann, Paul52/4:1-4 ;
The Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy.Gullerud, C. M.06/2:4-6 ;
The Danger of Emphasizing Faith at the Expense of the Object of Faith – Christ.Mackensen, Robert W.04/1:2-16 ;
The Danger of Emphasizing Faith at the Expense of the Object of Faith, Christ.Mackensen, Robert W.52/2:8-14 ;
The Doctrinal Basis for the Use of Music in the Church – Parts I-II.Fremder, A.04/4:2-22 ;
The Doctrine of Church Fellowship.Tiefel, Paul48/3:23-26 ;
The Doctrine of the Trinity Revealed in the Farewell Discourses of JesusTiefel, Paul58/2:32 ;
The Documents of Vatican II: An Examination (continued)Gullerud, C. M.06/5:36 ;
The Documents of Vatican II: An Examination.Gullerud, C. M.06/2:2-3 ;
The Easter Season: Sermons for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter.Schaller, Egbert54/1:2-9 ;
The Eighth Commandment As It Applies to the Pastor and His Lifestyle.Naumann, Bruce R.37/4:9-13 ;
The Emphasis on Prayer.Fossum, Vance A.40/4:2-12 ;
The Exercise of Brotherly Fellowship in the Waning Days of the Church Militant.Gullerud, Mark J.38/3:16-24 ;
The Exercise of Fellowship in the Early Church.Roehl, Michael J.38/3:2-16 ;
The Failure of UnbeliefSchaller, Egbert53/1:13-16 ;
The Failure of Unbelief: Matt. 17:1-20Schaller, Egbert03/1:3 ;
The Faith of Enoch.Schulz, Arthur11/2:2-10 ;
The Fellowship of Kindred Minds.Fleischer, Daniel38/3:1-2 ;
The First Article: Psalm 24:1-10.Gantt, Frank50/3:7-9 ;
The Flacian Controversy: Thank God that Leveler Heads Prevailed! 55/1: 29-49.Fleischer, Paul G.55/1:17-29 ;
The Form of Sound Words.Schaller, Egbert01/1:23-28 ;
The Form of Sound Words.Schaller, Egbert51/1:4-6 ;
The Formulation of the Apostles’ CreedPfeiffer, John K.56/3:19 ;
The Functions of a Conference Visitor.Gullerud, C. M.02/5:12-19 ;
The Gift of Prophecy: A Study Paper.Pfeiffer, John K.36/4:4-9 ;
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Speaking in Tongues, and Extra-Biblical Revelation.Schierenbeck, David R.44/3:19-22 ;
The Glory of the Gospel Ministry, 2 Cor. 4:1-6.Schaller, Egbert09/1:2-18 ;
The Gospel Is . . . Devotions for a Pastoral ConferenceEichstadt, Wayne37/4:1-8 ;
The Hermeneutics of Prophecy.Kuehne, Clifford M.35/2:21-29 ;
The Historic Thrust of Christ's Resurrection.Schaller, Egbert53/1:8-13 ;
The Historic Thrust of the Resurrection.Schaller, Egbert03/3:2 ;
The Holy Spirit and Christmas: A Series for Advent.Tiefel, Paul53/3:8-11 ;
The Impact of the Reformation on the Culture of Germany A translation of a portion of J. P. Koehler’s KirchengeschichteReim, Edmund55/2:20-28 ;
The Impact of the Reformation on the Culture of Germany.Reim, Edmund05/2:2-21 ;
The Impact of the Reformation on the Culture of Germany.Reim, Edmund55/2:20 ;
The Imperatives of Scripture.Reim, Edmund01/2:2-8 ;
The Imperatives of Scripture.Reim, Edmund41/1:15-18 ;
The Imperatives of Scripture.Reim, Edmund51/1:6-9 ;
The Importance of Christian Education.Larsen, Paul F.53/3:6-8 ;
The Interaction of the Son of Man with Individual Classes and Persons.Henkel, William47/4:5-15 ;
The Kingdom of God, Part 1.Schaller, John51/2:14-19 ;
The Kingdom of God, Part 2.Schaller, John51/2:19-24 ;
The Kingdom of God.Schaller, John01/4:14-26 ;
The Kingdom of God.Schaller, John51/3:16-28 ;
The Lord God Came with a Strong HandUde, John58/2:4 ;
The Lord God Comes to Feed His Flock like a ShepherdUde, David58/2:18 ;
The Lord Solves the Christian's Identity Crisis.Sydow, Michael53/1:5-8 ;
The Lutheran and Reformed Understandings of the Communication of Attributes: The Differences and their Attendant RelevanceRoehl, Michael J.55/1:11-17 ;
The Lutheran and Reformed Understandings of the Communication of Attributes.Combined Effort55/1:10 ;
The Meaning and Use of Mystery in the New Testament.Fossum, Vance A.48/3:11-22 ;
The Meaning of BASILEIA in the New Testament.Reim, Norbert H.03/4:2 ;
The Meaning of OUDE in 1 Timothy 2:12.Combined Effort35/3:11-16 ;
The Means of Grace and Mission Work.Ude, John36/3:19-26 ;
The Means of Grace in Our Worship Life.Dux, Leroy P.36/3:9-19 ;
The Means of Grace: The Formal Principle of the Reformation.Naumann, David R.36/3:2-9 ;
The Method of Applying Water in Baptism.Koenig, David P.42/1:13-16 ;
The Millenium of Revelation Chapter TwentyPfeiffer, John K.58/4:3 ;
The Millennium of Revelation Chapter Twenty (Part 2, vv. 4-10)Pfeiffer, John K.59/1:3 ;
The Necessity for Humility in the Ministry.Kesterson, Terrel41/2:17-22 ;
The Need and Importance of Prison/Jail MinistriesNolting, Paul D.59/1:30 ;
The New Covenant of God's Forgiveness in Christ.Sippert, Steven P.52/1:11-26 ;
The Obituary of John Herbert Lau.List, Robert55/3:5-6 ;
The Official Writings that Prepared the Way for the Augsburg Confession.Klatt, John V.41/1:1-5 ;
THE OLIVET DISCOURSE: II. Immediate PerspectiveNolting, Paul F.27/4:11-19 ;
The Pastor as Spiritual Physician.Kurtzahn, Stephen36/4:9-13 ;
The Pastor's Menu for the Pulpit.Sippert, Steven P.45/2:16-20 ;
The Pentateuch and Its Critics.Schaller, Egbert06/4:3-11 ;
The Pentateuch and Its Critics. (continued)Schaller, Egbert06/5:8 ;
The Personification of Hochma: Is Christ the Person? 43/4:15-26.Naumann, Paul43/4:7-12 ;
The Perspective of OT Prophecy.Pieper, August04/2:17-20 ;
The Petitions of the Lord's Prayer in the Light of the Lord's Passion.Gantt, Frank51/1:9-12 ;
The Petitions of the Lord’s Prayer in Light of the Lord’s PassionGantt, Frank51/2:1-6 ;
The Place of Apologetics and Polemics in Our Preaching.Sydow, Michael42/4:19-23 ;
The Place of Compromise in the Church.Nolting, Paul F.03/1:10 ;
The Place of Luther's Treatise:Schaller, Egbert07/4:2-18 ;
The Power of God, Eph.Reim, Edmund01/4:2-8 ;
The Power of God, Ephesians 1:19.Reim, Edmund51/4:8-11 ;
The Preaching of the Gospel. Thesis I & IIWinfred Schaller, Sr.33/3:1-9 ;
The Principles and Practice of Excommunication.Tiefel, Paul48/1:22-29 ;
The Problem of Choice.Reim, Edmund08/3:2-9 ;
The Problem of Subjectivism in Contemporary Christian Music.Naumann, Paul52/3:23-27 ;
The Problem of the Isolated Believer.Nolting, Paul F.05/1:5-14 ;
The Problem of Translation, Pss.Reim, Edmund06/3:2-7 ;
The Proper Use of the Gospel Among Us.Roehl, Michael J.47/4:15-28 ;
The Purpose of Excommunication as Demonstrated in the Church at Corinth.Tiefel, Paul48/2:13-20 ;
The Relation between Verbs and Their Objects Applied to Holy Scripture’s Use ofσκοπεῖνDaub, Timothy T.57/4:29 ;
The Relation of Christ's Incarnation to His Humiliation.Baker, David53/3:11-22 ;
The Relation of the Public Ministry and the Priesthood of All Believers in Regard to Current Lutheran Debates.Lau, David T.35/4:1-15 ;
The Relationship Of And/Or Distinction Between the Universal Priesthood of Believers and the Public MinistrySchuetze, Thomas R.37/4:13-23 ;
The Relationship of and/or Distinction Between the Universal Priesthood of Believers and the Public Ministry.Roehl, Michael J.55/1:11 ;
The Relationship of the Active Obedience of Christ to His Passive Obedience.Meyer, Herman45/3:15-20 ;
The Reluctant Fool - An Exegesis of 2 Corinthians 12:11-21.Sydow, Michael40/1:4-9 ;
The Renaissance Six: Fanning the Fire for ReformationTiefel, Mark58/1:3 ;
The Righteousness of God.Kuehne, Clifford M.11/3:18-24 ;
The Righteousness of the Lord.Pieper, August05/4:2-6 ;
The Rising Tide of Translations.Reim, Edmund08/1:2-6 ;
The Role of Christ's Men in the Home:Fossum, Vance A.50/1:18-27 ;
The Role of Law and Gospel in Evangelism.Kurtzahn, Stephen35/4:26-29 ;
The Role of Men in the Christian Home: “Save” the Wife and ChildrenFossum, Vance A.50/2:7-18 ;
The Second Article: John 1:1-14.Gantt, Frank50/4:2-3 ;
The Seven Signs in the Gospel of John: How Do They Fit into the Evangelist’s Plan?Klatt, John V.55/3:13-21 ;
The Son of Man as Preacher Interacting with His CongregationHenkel, William47/3:18-25 ;
The Son of Man as Preacher Interacting with His Congregation.Henkel, William46/4:11-19 ;
The Son of Man as Preacher Interacting with His Congregation.Henkel, William46/2:17-26 ;
The Son of Man as Preacher Interacting with His Congregation.Henkel, William47/1:25-32 ;
The Son of Man as Preacher Interacting with His Congregation*Henkel, William47/2:20-24 ;
The Son of Man in His Interaction with the Children of Men As human relative interacting with His human relativesHenkel, William46/1:20-24 ;
The Son of Man in His Interaction with the Children of Men.Henkel, William45/4:14-21 ;
The Soul - A Word Study of NEPHESH.Pfeiffer, John K.40/1:10-22 ;
The Synergistic Controversy.Fleischer, Paul G.54/2:13-27 ;
The Third Article: Acts 4:8-13.Gantt, Frank50/4:3-5 ;
The Third Use of the Law: "FREEDOM" OR "LIBERTY"Nolting, Paul F.43/4:12-22 ;
The Third Use of the Law.Nolting, Paul F.43/3:7-20 ;
The Third Use of the Law.Nolting, Paul F.44/1:2-12 ;
The Trial of Jesus Christ.Tiefel, Paul52/1:1-10 ;
The True Story of Christmas.Tiefel, George Sr.10/5:2-10 ;
The Unshaken Church: An Exegesis of Psalm 46Pfeiffer, Nathan J57/3:3 ;
The Usage of Grace (Charis) in the New Testament.Sippert, Steven P.52/4:4-12 ;
The Value of Thematic Preaching.Gullerud, C. M.10/1:12-18 ;
The Vital Role of Christian Education as a Blessing to Our Synod.Thurow, Carl M.39/3:3-6 ;
The Wisconsin Action.Reim, Edmund01/4:40-44 ;
There is a Need to Give Greater Emphasis to the Doctrine of the Priesthood of Believers.Burkhardt, James32/2:13-17 ;
Things to Guard Against in our .Reim, Edmund08/2:13-21 ;
Things to Guard Against in Our Approach Toward Re-Alignment.Reim, Edmund02/1:2 ;
This You Take With You! 28/2:2-6.Radtke, Gordon P.28/2:1-3 ;
Three Great Elements of Christian Preaching According to Luke 7:36-50, The:.Pieper, August31/3:1-13 ;
Thrivent Revisited: An Update on the Unionism Involved in This “Faith-Based” OrganizationNaumann, Bruce J.59/2:23 ;
Thunderbolts from Heaven: Luther's Bondage of the Will.Jackson, Gregory L.37/1:6-17 ;
Titus 3:10 - An Exegetical Brief.Lau, John39/4:28-31 ;
To What Extent Must There be Agreement in Practice before Fellowship Can be Established? 36/1:44-53.Schierenbeck, David R.36/1:26-31 ;
Transcendental Meditation.Wehrwein, Robert E.16/1:13-37 ;
Translation Theory and Verbal InspirationReim, David J.56/4:8 ;
Trinity Sunday Sermon — John 3:1-17Gantt, Frank55/2:1-4 ;
Two Corrections.Reim, Edmund04/1:41 ;
Two Texts from the Book of Acts on Conversion.Lau, John55/3:6-12 ;
Use and Misuse of the Term “In God's Eyes” Especially as It Pertains to Marriage and Divorce.Roehl, Michael J.53/4:26-29 ;
Using the Lutheran Symbols.Pfeiffer, John K.45/2:21-23 ;
Vatican II – A Reform Council? 5/5:10-15.Reim, Edmund05/5:11-15 ;
Veil of Moses, What is the?Wehrwein, Robert E.18/2:3-18 ;
Walther on Election.Reim, Edmund09/3:2-6 ;
We Are All Priests Continuing to Base Our Faith upon Scripture AlonePfeiffer, David L. W.56/2:19 ;
We Recommit Ourselves to Hold Fast to Sound Doctrine.Lau, John34/4:14-22 ;
We Recommit Ourselves to Remembering Our Past.Hallauer, Elton A.34/4:3-14 ;
We Recommit Ourselves to the Mission of the Church.Naumann, Bruce J.34/4:22-28 ;
Wegenke, Matthew: Memorial Address.Kuehne, Clifford M.24/1:26-28 ;
WELS and CLC - Still a Difference?Gullerud, C. M.12/4:37-39 ;
WELS and CLC.Gullerud, C. M.14/1:43-44 ;
WELS and SELK.Gullerud, C. M.14/1:40 ;
WELS History, On Rewriting.Lau, John15/2:27-38 ;
WELS sees us, How.Lau, John17/4:33-41 ;
WELS_ELS/CLC Meeting, Feb.Lau, John29/1:28 ;
Were Circumcision and the Passover Old Testament Sacraments? 50/3:41-52.Lau, David T.50/3:24-31 ;
What Can We Learn from the Gospel of Judas? 46/4:27-36.Tiefel, Paul46/4:20-26 ;
What Does the Scripture Teach Concerning the Soul?Schulz, Arthur10/5:12-38 ;
What is Man? 30/2:21-26; 30/3:18-21.Pfeiffer, John K.30/2:22-23 ; 30/3:9 ;
What is Repentance? 53/1: 2-5.Gantt, Frank53/1:1-3 ;
What's Wrong With Modern Bible Translations.Reim, Edmund01/3:34-37 ;
When is a Catechumen Ready for Confirmation.Schulz, Arthur38/4:16-21 ;
When Should I Repent? 53/3: 2-6.Gantt, Frank53/3:2-4 ;
Where Do I Obtain Repentance? 53/3: 6-9.Gantt, Frank53/3:4-6 ;
Which Wisdom?Galstad, Martin04/2:2-15 ;
Who Should Repent? 53/2: 2-6.Gantt, Frank53/2:2-4 ;
Why Should I Repent? 53/2: 6-10.Gantt, Frank53/2:4-6 ;
Wisdom of God & Presence of Evil in World.Lau, John14/3:43 ;
Women serve, To what Extent may?Sandeen, James E.18/4:24-36 ;
Word is Truth, Thy.Kuehne, Clifford M.12/4:23-35 ;
Words and the Word.Schaller, Egbert03/2:3 ;
YMCA - Christian yet Open?Gullerud, C. M.13/4:44 ;
Youth, Truth, and PostmodernismPfeiffer, David L. W.56/1:18 ;
Zechariah, The Eight Night Visions of.Nolting, Paul F.26/4:7-13 ;
παιδεία: SensitivityRoehl, Ronald59/2:16 ;