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The Journal of Theology is the theological journal of the Church of the Lutheran Confession.

The Journal of Theology is designed to deepen the understanding and sharpen the skills of those who teach the Word of God. The Journal of Theology also testifies to the confession of our church body and serves as a witness to Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, and His unchanging Word.

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Journal of Theology

Spring 2021 Volume 59 Number 2



From the Editor59/2:3 ;

Mentors, Manhood, and the Mountain: Helping Emerging Adult Men Navigate the Climb from Childhood to Adolescence to Manhood in the World (Part 1)59/2:5 ;
David L.W. Pfeiffer

In Memoriam: Ronald Leo Roehl 59/2:14 ;

παιδεία: Sensitivity 59/2:16 ;
Ronald L. Roehl

Thrivent Revisited: An Update on the Unionism Involved in This “Faith-Based” Organization59/2:23 ;
Bruce J. Naumann

Missiology Minute: God’s Eternal Universal Plan of Salvation, Old and New Testaments 59/2:34 ;
David T. Lau

Book Reviews
Matthew (Reformation Commentary on Scripture) – 59/2:40 ;
John 13-21 (Reformation Commentary on Scripture) – 59/2:42 ;
David T. Lau